Basically there are three steps, step one is downloading/installing the miner, then when you run it you put the mining address in (3Popcr5J8KVyHvpvbJx68AHD3zfQdFdMMD)

Step 1: Download the miner here:


Download the miner here: Release Stable release v0.5.1.3 · nicehash/NiceHashQuickMiner · GitHub

Step 2: Input mining address: 3Popcr5J8KVyHvpvbJx68AHD3zfQdFdMMD

Step3: Run the mining software. You can leave it on while you sleep or are at work. It will likely make your computer generate some noise and heat (which is normal). You can always turn it off as well.

That’s it. Then your computer is volunteering to support Jake 🙂

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